Stuffed Bell Peppers

Posted on July 21, 2007. Filed under: beef, maindish, vegetable |

This recipe came from my grandmother, and was never actually written down until I asked my mom for the recipe last year.  It’s fairly easy, really tasty, and, yes, cheap.

You can use regular rice or minute rice; I usually use regular long-grain, but I think brown rice would add a nice nutty flavor and also be a little bit better for you, given the extra fiber.   You can use any ground meat you want, but we generally use beef, which has a little bit more flavor than ground chicken or turkey.

2 green bell peppers

1/2 C rice (3/4 to 1 C if you are using minute rice)

14.5 oz can of crushed tomatoes

8 oz can of tomato sauce

1/2 C chopped onion

1/2-3/4 lb ground beef

salt, to taste

pepper, to taste

dill weed, to taste

Brown the meat. Drain it if there is lots of grease. Add the chopped onion and cook until transparent (don’t burn them). Add the can of tomatoes and the tomato sauce. Add a half to a can of water (tomato sauce can) Salt and pepper and dill weed to taste.  Cook rice according to directions, and then add to sauce mixture.   If you’re using minute rice, you can add it after it comes to a boil. Let it stand so the rice absorbs the liquid.

Cut off the tops of the peppers to leave a lid. Take out the seeds and the pithy insides. Rinse them. Use a casserole that will hold them and the extra filling. Fill the peppers and put on the lids. Put the rest of the filling around them. It helps keep the peppers upright.

Put in a 350° oven for 30-40 minutes. This reheats well.

You’ll note that this is another recipe that calls for dill weed; dill’s probably hands down my mother’s favorite herb, and we put it in a lot of food.  If you’re not a dill fan, you can probably substitute your herb of choice.


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